The Artist Known as Marissa

Marissa Tjartjalis

Welcome to my art portfolio. I am a self-taught artist working in traditional media. Born and raised in New York, NY, I use my personal work to channel emotion through visual expression. 

The effort and drive behind each piece represents my passion. I tend to eschew technical perfectionism for a raw and spontaneous translation of what life has made me feel.

Visual art has allowed me to reach a hand out when I was in the darkest parts of my life. In times when there was nothing else to turn to, I became prolific only through creation. The chronicle of my work represents a journey upon which I can look proudly and reflect on what is important to me.

I present this gallery in the hope that it may provoke feeling and contemplation within those who view it. I call myself an artist because my only goal is to spread my message - and let its meaning be open to your own interpretation.

All works on this website are © Marissa Tjartjalis. 
All rights reserved.
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